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4 C’s to an Awesome Stream from Facebook to Twitch

A lot of people have taken the leap and is now doing Facebook LIVE. After all, almost everyone nowadays has a Facebook account and a mobile phone capable of streaming to Facebook.

However, the number of people getting into Twitch IRL is still very few compared to those who go live via Facebook. Is it because of the seemingly technical aspect of Twitch? Is it because people think Twitch is all about gaming (it’s not!)?

If you are a Facebook streamer who is interested in getting into Twitch (and you should be) here are a 4C’s and 1B that you need to know to rock Twitch.

1st C: Chattiness

When you are streaming, people expect you to be talking at all times. You could either be sharing information, telling them what the show will be like, what to expect, or answering their questions should they have any on the comments section. The important thing is that there won’t be dead air.

Keeping quiet when streaming is not acceptable. The more you talk, the more engagement you can expect. To ensure that this won’t happen to you, you can go ahead and prepare a set of topics andopen-ended questions to always keep the chat active even if you are doing the show by yourself.

If you do have a co-host or guest, you can share the topics and questions beforehand so that you won’t catch them off guard which could result to awkward silence. It’s also best if you meet with your co-host or guest 30 minutes before the show so that you can have established rapport before you actually stream.

2nd C: Complete Information

On Twitch, they have a category called IRL (in real life) and under this category, they have JUST CHATTING. This is where you stream if you just want to talk about random things.

Remember though that when people watch a stream, they expect information and they expect it to be as complete as possible. If you are just chatting about a certain topic, they would expect you to be able to share tidbits of information. You can’t just stream willy nilly talking about nonsense and expect people to come back the next time.

People like to be entertained and educated. They like learning new things and when you share new information, they want to know all the details. Now this does not mean that you need to provide everything in one go. You can do segments but you need to ensure that the segments have complete information so that people will come back for the next one.

You can provide links to the blog post, share infographics on the screen, tell them little stories that are relatable to whatever topic you have in mind. The internet is a complete source of information and it is up to you how you will maximize your resources.

The important thing to remember here is that you need to have something to share whenever you stream.

3rd C: Control

They say with live shows or live stream, anything can happen and there are some things that you cannot control. We agree but this does not mean that you will simply react to everything. This is most especially true with Twitch shows.

You could have internet connection problems. You could have trolls in the comment section. You could have someone trying to elicit a reaction from you by commenting something truly mean, personal, or offensive.

While you cannot control these things, you can CONTROL your reaction to it. You can prep yourself to think of these worst case scenarios and have plans in place so that you won’t be caught off guard.

When people see that you know what you’re doing even when things don’t go as planned, you will earn their respect and they will view your show as something of value.

4th C: Consistency

When you live stream, you need to be consistent. Unless you are a superstar already who can just pop in and out and be guaranteed that a minimum of 1000 viewers will immediately jump in to watch, a schedule is your best friend.

Let people know when your next stream will be. Tell everyone where they can watch. Post about it on social media and leave a link to your Twitch channel. Create an online billboard and let everyone know when to expect you and what day you will be doing your show.

Ask friends, family, and followers to share the information. Remember, content should take 20% of your time while 80% needs to be in marketing your shows. Great content will be worthless if it doesn’t reach the right audience.

1B: BeLive

To easily stream to Twitch, sign up with BeLive. The BeLive platform allows you to stream to Twitch in 3 easy steps without having to download anything. You can do screen share, highlight comments, and have more than 2 guests on screen with you from remote locations.

If you are consistent with your schedule, gather complete information for the shows you are streaming, control your reactions and the situation best way you know how, and continue creating connections with your viewers, it won’t take long before you start forming your community online.

Easily create high-quality talk shows on Twitch or Facebook with zero setups and installation. Try BeLive.tv

If you would like to learn more tips, join our 8000+ community of content creators who are using BeLive.

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