4 Reasons Why Brands Need to Start Live Streaming Now

Brands have relied on four traditional ways to promote their product over the years: TV, newspapers, radio, and word of mouth. Later on, they added billboards and using celebrities to spread the word. No matter the process, it was all about spreading the word and reaching as many people as possible.

Now that the internet has become a mainstay and with Facebook leading the pack, brands have learned to utilize Facebook Pages, Instagram influencers, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. They’ve created videos and syndicated as well as repurposed content.

However, when it comes to live video marketing, a lot of brands are still unsure how to utilize it simply because of the rawness of the content as well as the perceived lack of control.

When you’re live, anything can happen.

The time is ripe for live video marketing. With Facebook live gaining more and more traction daily, Instagram live becoming a thing, LinkedIn Live finally becoming a reality, and influencers starting to have more clout than some magazine and TV shows, now is the time to get on the train and do what you can with live video so that you are not left in the digital dust.

So why should brands get into live video marketing?

In this digital marketing age where brands are supposed to know who their market is, create and develop personas,ensure an active social media presence, and build a community for their leads and customers, it is imperative that brands develop a relationship between them and the customers in a manner that goes beyond transactional. Live video solves all these and more.

Humanized marketing.

The time for curated content is slowly fading. As much as people still appreciate aesthetics, they also know when something is being made to sell a product or service and for a lot of people, they don’t like it when brands sell something via a nicely done aesthetic.

Live video marketing gives brands a chance to show their “human” side. It also allows them to show their story in a more authentic manner.

People want to hear, read, watch stories of people who may have the same challenges but have been able to overcome these challenges while enjoying life and if a brand happens to be a part of it, then that becomes a bonus.

BuzzFeed is one of the brands that has maximized the usage of Facebook Live as well as Instagram live to reach a bigger audience. In fact, BuzzFeed has been so good at this that they now have different sub-branches all over the world because of the demand of people. The video we linked has 11M views to date which means more sponsors and advertisers for them.

More for Less

When brands have new campaigns, the normal route to launching it would be through an event launch, commercial, or paying for ad space. Live videos actually allows for all these to happen but at the fraction of a cost.

Instead of orchestrating an event, inviting people, setting out food and drinks, praying the event goes well and people are not bored, brands can just do live video marketing.

They can get a small studio or set up at a nice location then launch their campaign via live streaming. It’s instantaneous and the cost is minimal compared to a full blown launch.

It also allows fans and followers to learn about the newest information real time, giving them that VIP feel. Tough Mudder did just that and this video alone got 51,000 views.  Inviting 51,000 people would be a logistics nightmare but with live streaming, it became possible.

Brands reach more people, more audience, create traction and engagement but spend a lot less. Brands also get to treat their followers and fans as VIP.

Live video marketing lowers the barrier to entry and people love being able to relate and feel that there is a relationship beyond consumer and product.

The more customers feel like they know the brand because they see the process and behind the scenes so to speak, the more they will be loyal to the brand because now they feel like family.

Brand Reinforcement

With live streaming, brands can reinforce their brand values. A live stream is your voice to the world and anyone can listen to it at any time, not just during the live session which is one of the best aspects of it.

You can use your live stream to make a good impression and show your brand’s personality without having to go all salesy weirdo. When you use BeLive when you live stream, you can maximize comment highlights to increase engagement like the one shown below.

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