6 Female Twitch Streamers Who Are Spreading Joy and Positivity

Never has there been a more appropriate time than now to celebrate women. Though there are still hiccups here and there, women all around the world have slowly but surely proven their worth, their talent, their skills, and their say in any field that they set their eyes on.

This month, we would like to give recognition to some of the women who have made an impression in the live streaming world by being the best in what they do, bringing more positivity to the world, and simply serving as an inspiration to their community.



1UPGirl is  from Canada who is also a perler bead art streamer. When you chance upon her stream, you will leave with feelings of joy, like you just visited Care-a-lot, the Care Bears kingdom of happiness where everyone just cares and shares. She is the definition of positivity. She is kind and loving towards anyone who comes into her streams, much like how we wish the whole world would be.


Austen Marie.

Looks can truly be deceiving. If you just give her a glance, you might think that she seems standoffish because she gives off an intimidating vibe. However, Austen Marie is actually genuine, kind, and a pretty badass woman. She is strong and speaks her mind. She is definitely a role model that other female gamers/streamers look up to.

She also offers tips and tricks to her viewers and finds time to assess their works of art which allows for her to have a really strong community of followers online. When you have someone who cares about you and not just the numbers you bring in, you definitely want to support that kind of a woman.



We all know that being a woman is pretty hard and being a woman of color has its own challenges. This is why Cypheroftyr is relentless in ensuring that women of color get their fair share in the Twitch community.

Cypheroftyr is one of the most prominent black women streamers in the Twitch community. She is known for her fervent advocacy of diversity in gaming and strives to combat toxicity towards women and people of color.


Djarii is mostly known for her body painting. What’s awesome about it is that she doesn’t allow negativity and unwanted attention from creepy men who slide into her streams. She is an example for female streamers that deal with these kind of men on a daily basis. She also uses live streaming to show off her skills in body painting.

Frank the Pegasus

FrankthePegasus is very positive and encouraging. She participates in a variety of charity events. She’s very open and honest with her viewers. She talks about body positivity, how you need to accept your flaws and not let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

Molly Mahoney

Molly is energy personified. Molly uses live streaming to teach other people how to utilize and maximize video marketing to it’s fullest potential. She makes learning a lot of fun and makes anyone who drops by her shows feel comfortable and welcome.

Molly Mahoney is the true personification of what it’s like to be a Girl Boss and Boss Babe. She juggles being a Mom, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, as well as being one of the authorities when it comes to Video Marketing. She also teaches business owners how to create their own messenger bots!

When you watch her stream, you can’t help but learn a tip or two because she makes it relatable and easy to remember. This is what makes her well loved by her community.

Who run the world? Girls!

They say that when you do something out of the norm, it causes a twitch which can make people feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, these women did not allow the twitch to hold them back and instead, took the bull by the horn and broke the twitch. The world is a much better place with their presence in the live streaming world.

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