7 Ways to Grow your Twitch Channel Offline

There is no one way to go about growing your Twitch channel offline. It differs for every niche, category, personality, taste, and style. However, there are several guidelines that you can follow, trim, and cater to your personal style and this is what we hope to provide you with at BeLive.

Know who you are as a Streamer

Before you delve into crazy tactics to grow your community channel offline, you first need to be able to truly identify what kind of a streamer you are.

Are you variety, good people, single, drama or IRL, gaming, or creative?

Once you finalize which type of streamer you are, it’s time to start observing those who fall into the same category as you. This is so you can know what your similarities are to others and how you can stand out from the rest. Once you figure this out, pick something that makes you unique but relatable because this is how you can start growing your community.

Contribute to the Twitch Community

It has been said that for you to receive, you need to learn to give and the same principle can be applied to building your own Twitch community. You need to be present in other communities, get to know other live streamers, and support them for them to do the same with you, your channel, and your community.

Networking with other streamers is vital to your success. Remember that there is room for everyone on Twitch, so rather than viewing other streamers as competition, view them as allies. Aside from the obvious benefits in the form of receiving hosts, raids, and shoutouts, there is so much that can be learned by networking with other streamers. Watch their streams, subscribe if you can, and become a recognizable name to them and their community!

Shout outs via Twitter

When you stream, there will be people following you. When they do, make it a point to check out their channels and leave a comment or two. This is one way for you to grow your community. After your stream, clip a portion of your show where you did a shout out to someone and then tweet it at them. This brings engagement, awareness, and more potential followers.

Raid another channel

A raid is when you do more than host another channel. It is when you bring your audience to another channel. Strategic raiding is also a great way to grow your channel! It is recommended to raid other streamers in your community and streamers with similar view count as yourself or someone with a slightly higher view count.

Large streamers get raided frequently by smaller streamers hoping for the favor to be returned, but you will find the most success when you raid similar-sized streamers, to whom you’ve already made an introduction with. A raid should always come from a familiar name.

Go semi-organic

Do not engage in follow for follow threads and do not spam your channel. You need to build genuine connections and friendship with the people who are in the same category as you are. You need to network so you are still growing your channel organically but it’s organic. When you network, it means interacting with other people online within other communities, platforms, and channels, introducing yourself, and sharing tips among individuals and groups with common interests.

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a new streamer is to promote your stream in inappropriate places, as it can leave a really bad taste in the mouths of more established streamers, making it difficult to network with them.

Never drop your channel link in another streamer’s channel unless they specifically asked you to do so, and likewise, don’t leave someone’s stream by proclaiming that you have to go because you are about to go start up your own stream. Anything that could give the impression that you are trying to get viewers to leave a stream to join yours is going to be very frowned upon.

Send out notes

It’s important to let your subscribers know that you appreciate them and care for them. One feature from the Channel section under Analytics is the ability to send messages to your subscribers. Use this!

Do remember that you should only send one every few weeks to avoid spammy and to avoid promoting yourself in these notes. Remember that Twitch is about meeting new people with similar interests, making new friends and learning new things.

One way to use this feature effectively is to take note of any days where you’ve had a large influx of subscribers, for example, did you do a sub-a-thon, a giveaway, or have someone gift a large number of subscriptions to your channel on a particular day? Mark that in your calendar and send a message just a couple of days before those subs are set to renew so you are fresh in people’s minds and they will remember to make sure their subscription stays current.

Make a great first impression

A viewer will decide if they stay or leave your channel within the first 30 seconds of watching. Take the time to make sure your channel looks professional, meaning that you have a banner image, a profile image, and have filled out the panels section with things like links to your social media, links to your donation page, links to any relevant information about your content, but most importantly, publish (and stick to) a stream schedule. The most successful streamers have grown by becoming their viewers favorite “show”. Just like your favorite TV show, you know which day, time and channel it will be on, and your stream should be no different!

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