BeLive launches Studio2 Beta


We’re so excited to announce the BETA launch of Studio2, a new and improved live streaming studio loaded with new features to help business owners, marketers, and influencers easily produce professional-looking and engaging live streams.

Hosts have more customization options and control


Users will be able to change their theme, frame, background and overlay while on the stream. They can also upload images from the computer, add multiple camera sources, and mute guests.

More importantly, they can edit scheduled broadcasts. This feature is crucial for those who already promoted their live stream but have to change the date and time at the last minute. 


Simpler and easily accessible UI design


Every tool is available in a single studio, including screen share and uploading images from the computer. Studio2 also has a bigger preview and better staging area, so users can prepare everything they need before going live. 

Guests have more options

Guests can share their screen, mute their mic, or turn their camera off. They can also join the stream with just audio if ever they’re not camera ready or a camera is not available. 

“Our BeLivers can look forward to more features that enhances the mobile host experience and more ways to interact and engage with their viewers. We’re also excited to support YouTube and LinkedIn soon,” shares Daniel Mayer, BeLive CEO. 

BeLivers will continue to enjoy one of the most popular features from the previous version: showing viewers’ comments on screen. It makes the live video more interactive when viewers see their comments along with their name and profile picture. We analyzed more than 150K broadcasts and discovered the number of comments increase by 3.3 times on average when this feature is used. 

Studio2 Beta will be available starting June 26, 2019, at 10 a.m. EST. Anyone who  signs up on or after this date will enjoy all the features for FREE during the BETA period.  

Sign up now for free. 

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