BeLive releases beta for Twitch

While there are millions of streamers broadcasting on Twitch each day, there are still many content creators that are not taking advantage of this Amazon-acquired, live streaming powerhouse.

There are two reasons for that. The first one is because of the common misconception that Twitch is just for gamers. This might have been true at one point but this is no longer the case as more and more live streams under the Creative category is being added on a daily basis.

The second reason is that if you are not tech savvy, streaming programs available on Twitch could feel a little bit overwhelming and could easily discourage newbie streamers. This means lost opportunities and millions of people remaining untapped.

BeLive saw this opportunity and is officially releasing its beta for Twitch today.

BeLive’s mission has always been helping content creators create live engagement in the easiest possible way. With its beta on Twitch, you can easily start a branded and professional-looking talk show. You don’t need to download or install any software. You simply need to go to, sign in with your Twitch account, choose your branding such as color and logo, then you can go live right after.

The best part is that you can have up to four guests live on screen and up to 10 people can wait in the “lobby.” Your guests can easily join just by clicking a link and signing in with their Twitch account.

Since you’re already doing Facebook LIVE, why not expand your network and tap into the millions of viewers that are already hooked on Twitch?

It’s time you share your content, wisdom, expertise, and stories on Twitch so that you can double your network and extend your reach. What makes this so easy is that you will still be using the same BeLive software that you are already familiar with.

To further help you, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your first talk show on Twitch.

Sign up now at and start streaming on Twitch.

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