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BeLive Update: Share your AUDIO when you share your screen

Hello BeLivers! We have great news for those of you who love to share their screen when they do their live stream. Before you can only share your screen and if an audio was part of what you were sharing on screen, the audio could only be heard through a mic. That’s no longer the case.

Now, you can share your screen and audio without needing to configure anything. It’s an easy integration and very seamless. You have complete control of what your viewers can view and hear which helps you to look more professional when you do your live stream.

Before this update, you can already share your screen. However, if you are playing a video, for instance, the audio only comes through the mic. We’ve heard many BeLivers requests this feature in the past and we listened!

We’re so excited that it’s finally available! This update works when sharing your desktop or a specific application window. This is just one of the features that we released recently. The other one is that you can now also create live polls.

Using the BeLive platform, you can build a more engaging relationship with your community.

This is the kind of update that we love sharing with our community. We’re always working on helping you create engaging broadcasts that can help you grow your community.

Go to and try this new update.


  1. It works some times not sure what i am doing wrong sometimes or right the other times

    1. Sorry to hear that. Can you let us know what exactly is not working? I highly recommend talking to our Support team on the Be.Live chat, so they can help you out. They are available 24/7!

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