Boost your live stream audience with pre-recorded videos

You have a ton of content, an arsenal of videos at your fingertips and you need more visitors to your LIVE stream. Start using those videos to BOOST YOUR LIVE SHOW!

BeLive Weekly’s guest Amanda Bond is going to share gems on how to use pre-recorded videos along with having an Ad Strategy along with guest host Todd Bergin who filled in for Owen.

So, how can you use pre-recorded videos to boost your live stream audience and how can you use this to help maximize your Facebook Ads? Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

First, before you start promoting your business, you need to make sure of the following:

  1. Can you already make a sale in your business without direct involvement?
  2. Are you ready to take in new customers? If 100 customers come through tomorrow, are you ready to accommodate them all?
  3. Can you turn attention to sales?

If you answered yes to all of these, it’s time to start using pre-recorded videos to boost your live stream and in turn, enhance your business.

Engagement can be re-targeted.

Re-targeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your live show.

One of the things people often forget about a live video is that engagement can be re-targeted. When people like, comment, or share, those engagements can be re-targeted and you can use all of these to help further your reach.

You can use fluff questions such as “Coke or Pepsi?” to start the engagement or you can go for the tough but engaging question of “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” What matters is that you engage your audience right from the start and when they do, you re-target them.

To use a pre-recorded video, what you can do is to shoot a segment that you already know will be part of the live show and use that as a trailer or teaser for your live show. You can shoot a video asking a question and then tell people that the answer will be discussed during the live show so that they will watch it. This is one of the most efficient ways for you to use pre-recorded video to boost your live show.

If you have an engagement on your live show that you feel is very much relatable, you can also cut that clip and use it to show people what your live shows are about. At the end, you can then tell people about the schedule of your shows so they know when to catch it.

Now that you already have the basics of handling your live shows and re-targeting your viewers, it’s important to know how you can turn your viewers into customers. On this, you need the the help of the 3 C’s.

3 C’s of Turning Viewers into Customers

Connect?—?Make sure that your branding is growing your re-targeted custom audience and building people’s trust on why they should believe in your product.

Commit?—?When you generate leads, follow through with every single one. Nothing frustrates people more than an awesome marketing with lackluster follow through or follow up. Imagine if you saw an ad and it made you want to buy only to end up not hearing back from the seller. Ugh.

Close?—?This is what it is all about. You need to close the sale and make it happen then you need to ensure that your customers are happy with your service or product. One way to do this is by zooming out and looking at things from a customer perspective. Nurture them and allow them to make an informed decision.

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