Facebook Is Killing Its ‘Live With’ Feature. Here’s The Best Alternative To Do Live Interviews!


Facebook suddenly killed its ‘Live With’ feature after encountering a few issues in the past weeks. But don’t worry! There’s an awesome alternative to continue doing your Facebook Live with multiple people — BeLive!

What Is Facebook’ Live With?’

Introduced in May 2017, Facebook’s ‘Live With’ function allowed users to invite guests to go on broadcast with them in a split-screen interview format. This feature made Facebook Live with two people so easy to pull off.

The feature allowed the users to invite someone to go live with them on the spot. Users could connect with friends in Facebook Live by swiping on their iPhone or Android phones. They just had to click on the ‘Invite to Go Live’ button, and they can immediately start Facebook live with multiple people.

Why End the ‘Live With’ Feature?

On the Facebook notice shared by social media commentator Matt Navarra, the company wants to commit to “building a truly social video experience on Facebook.”

With that, Facebook decided to put “experiences that drive the most value for the community” at the forefront of their development. The notice also implied Facebook intends to make its Live function a more interactive experience for users.

It seems like users faced several issues with the feature. Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith found the feature “clunky” when she used it a few times and wondered if Instagram will do away with its version as well. Read Mari’s entire post here.

What’s Next?

Instead of split-screen interviews, Facebook announced that they to focus more on audience interaction. They’re currently developing tools to integrate into Facebook Live, including the recently launched Polls.

Users who need this feature for their business engagement found the decision saddening.

It’s a good thing there’s an excellent alternative for Facebook’s ‘Live With’ feature — BeLive!

Go Live with BeLive

Because BeLive is an official Facebook Live solutions partner, you won’t have problems broadcasting to the social media site with the platform. It’s a great tool to use to grow your community and improve your engagement with your audience!

BeLive allows users to curate a professional-looking setup in Studio2 before and during the live broadcast. Like Facebook’s ‘Live With,’ you can also do a split-screen interview with a guest during your broadcast. You can even conduct a talk show with up to 4 people on screen with other guests waiting in the lobby!

You or your guests don’t need a fancy or complicated setup to pull off an excellent interview either. Your guests can use their laptop or phone to join your discussion or talk show. You just need to push your guest’s screen to the show, and you’re good to go!

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to add guests to your live broadcast!

Aside from that, you can also customize your Facebook Live broadcast with these fantastic features:

  • Use your own logo/branding image
  • Display agenda onscreen
  • Add crawlers
  • Replace colors and background image
  • Share a short video (100mb)

And yes, you can change your background, update your agenda list, or edit your crawler while you’re live! Isn’t that amazing?!

BeLive’s split-screen feature isn’t just for interviews either. You can use this feature to share a photo, short clip, or whatever you feel like showing during your broadcast without having to go off-screen!

You won’t have to worry about going on Facebook Live with multiple people thanks to BeLive!

Want to see how 2 person broadcast Facebook Live with BeLive looks like? Watch the video below!

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