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Guest Checklist: How To Join A YouTube or Facebook Live Stream

As a host on your YouTube or Facebook Live Stream, you can easily set up your laptop, camera, and microphone. But when you’re a remote guest, you won’t be able to control the live stream set up.

Here’s a checklist of what a live stream guest should follow for a seamless, glitch-free broadcast!

How to Join a YouTube or Facebook Live Stream as a Guest

1. Open the Guest Link Shared by the Host

Once you receive the guest link shared by the host, open it using a Chrome or Safari browser. You should see the BeLive landing page for guests.

You will also see who invited you to the stream. To confirm the invite and join the YouTube or Facebook live interview, you will need to log in.

BeLive Guest Landing Page

2. Log in with Facebook or YouTube

As a guest, you can log-in using your Facebook or YouTube account. These are currently the only ways to join the broadcast.

3. Connect Camera

Once you’re logged in, click on “Connect to Camera” then you will be redirected to the BeLive studio. There you’ll see yourself in the small screen below. Above your name, you should see “waiting to go live” if you’re still in the lobby. Once the host pushes you up to the YouTube or Facebook live stream, it should turn to “in stream.

Check out the photo below and all the components you should check.

Guest Screen Components

  1. The camera icon should turn to orange to indicate that it’s being used.
  2. This is where you can share your screen.
  3. You should see yourself in the camera preview.
  4. This panel shows you the comments posted during the live stream.
  5. You can chat with the host and other guests in this panel.
  6. This Live Chat section allows you to talk to support should you encounter problems during the live.

4. Adjust Camera and Check Audio Setup

If you click on the little gear button on the upper right side of your camera, the settings window will pop up. You can then choose which camera to use as well as check your audio and microphone.

5. Check Internet Strength

One of the most important aspects needed to ensure a smooth YouTube or Facebook Live interview is the guest’s internet strength. To make sure that your internet doesn’t interfere with the live stream, be hooked up to a cable. If that can’t be done, you should have at least 5mbps on internet speed.

6. Wait for the Host to Push You up to the Broadcast

Once the host is ready to bring you with him on the stream, you will then see yourself on the main screen. Your interaction with the host will be broadcasted live.

7. Share Your Screen

If you have a presentation that you would like to share with the viewers, just click on the screenshare button and choose the software or tab you would like to open. You can also show your entire screen.

Take note, however, that you won’t be able to share audio with your presentation. But if you want to show a video, then the host can upload it on the stream for you by uploading it or through a YouTube link.

8.Test Your Broadcast

Once everything is in order, the host can click on “Test Your Broadcast” in the destination section for a practice run. The guest can then download it to check if everything is in order.

After ticking off all the technical items in your checklist, you’re ready to join the host to go live!


How to Troubleshoot Tech Problems as a Guest

If you’re encountering technical problems as a guest, including video, audio, and reception issues, check out some of these helpful troubleshooting tips.

1. Camera Can’t Connect

If your camera isn’t connecting to the app, make sure you allowed BeLive to access your computer’s camera.

Check this by clicking on the padlock sign on the left side of the address bar. It will show if the camera and audio are allowed for the site. If it’s not, choose allow for both the camera and microphone.

Guest Troubleshooting

2. Video Drops Out

Try refreshing the page if your video drops out of the broadcast several times. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reboot your computer entirely. Make sure you do this before the actual live.

Check your internet connection as well, an unstable internet connection may cause you to get disconnected from the stream.

3. Lagging Video or Spotty Audio

If you experience a lag in your video or audio, check your settings if the Chrome or Safari is up to date. Here’s how you can find out what version your Chrome browser currently is. Once you’ve updated to the latest version, you should also clear your cache.

You can also try closing other tabs or software that’s using your camera. If you have another software or tool using your camera, it may cause stuttering or interruptions with your video during the live broadcast.

Check out this helpful article for more guest troubleshooting tips!

If you’re the host and would like to learn more about how to add in three or more guests to your broadcast, watch BeLive’s own Irene Enriquez Chan’s masterclass below!

If you’re holding back from inviting a guest to your live stream because you’re scared of technical issues, this guide may be able to help you out!

Share your experience on inviting a guest to your YouTube or Facebook live interview below!

Sign up with BeLive and start your live streaming career now! You can also join our online community and share insights with 20k plus content creators!

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