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How To Simulcast Your Live To Multiple Sites & Why You Should Try It

You can now simulcast your live broadcast to different platforms using BeLive! Have you tried streaming to multiple sites already? Read through this post to find out how to do it and why you should be trying it for your business or organization!

What Is Simulcast?

BeLive has launched its simulcast feature in its Beta version, and interested users can have it activated for their accounts through a chat with support.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of multistreaming, let’s first understand what simulcast is and how it’s related to marketing and branding for your business or organization.

Simulcast is the simultaneous transmission of your video to several platforms at the same time. This means you can go live in several different social media and video streaming platforms in real-time.

How exactly can you do this? Do you need fancy, highly technical equipment to be able to pull this off? Not really. You can simulcast to several destinations with a simple click of a button through BeLive!

Here’s how you can start streaming to multiple sites at the same time with BeLive.

How to Stream to Multiple Platforms

Where to Stream

When you use BeLive to go live, you can simultaneously stream to two of these destinations:

  • Your Facebook timeline
  • Facebook pages or groups you manage (remember you need to be an admin)
  • Your YouTube channel

Simulcast Tutorial

To broadcast in the destinations you want, you must have an account with BeLive. You can sign in through Facebook or YouTube.


  1. In the BeLive studio, click on Set Destination in the upper left corner. Then choose the first site you want to broadcast to. If you choose Facebook, you have the option to go live on your own timeline, pages, or groups. Make sure you already added BeLive as an app in your page or group to link it with Facebook’s studio.
  2. Now you can choose the second destination. It can be another Facebook page or group, or your YouTube channel. Before you can broadcast to the video streaming platform, however, you need to verify your account! Here’s how you can do that.

You’re all set! You just have to prepare the assets you need, update your branding, then click on the start button! Here are more detailed instructions on how to start live streaming using BeLive.

Why Stream To Multiple Sites?

Allows You To Reach A Wider Audience

One of the most obvious reasons for streaming to multiple sites is to reach a wider audience. Being able to broadcast to two platforms at the same time allows you to establish your branding to twice as many viewers. These viewers, in turn, may become sales leads for your businesses or potential donors and volunteers for your cause.

Being able to simulcast your live stream on different Facebook pages allows you to connect with the people within these communities.

Simulcast Live Streaming

Saves You Upload Time

Editing, uploading, and publishing a video takes a lot of your time. Live streaming helped cut that pre and post-production time by a lot. But if you want to repurpose your stream and re-upload it to another platform, you will have to dedicate more of your time to do so.

Getting access to simulcast will save you a whole lot of production time. You only have to add a second destination to your stream and you’re good to go!

Of course,  repurposing your video is still highly recommended to expand your reach. Only now, you can focus more on creating shorter clips and other marketing assets since platforms automatically save the lives for replays.

It’s So Easy To Do!

The most important thing about simulcast that you have to take into account how easy it is to go live to two sites at the same time! BeLive already made live streaming super easy for businesses. Simulcast will make brand building and marketing to a wider audience even more exciting!

You don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to be able to stream to different sites simultaneously. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can start broadcasting your self, your business, or your cause to your target audience and more.

Are you planning on expanding your reach to YouTube? Watch Owen Video’s interview with Video Marketing CEO Scott Simson on becoming successful on the video streaming platform!

How would you use simulcast for your brand building? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Interested in streaming to multiple sites? Sign up with BeLive now! You can also join our online Facebook community and get great advice from more than 20k BeLivers!


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