How to Speak with Confidence and Excitement

When you live stream, the one thing you want to retain is the attention of people. Even when your topic is interesting but your delivery falls short, people will switch to something else.

Today’s post is all about speaking with confidence and excitement.

Demand the attention of your viewers!

Be more exciting and sound more confident!

Join Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and Digital Strategist Sebastian Rusk as they talk about Confidence and how to be more excited on your LIVE Show!

Study the Experts

Check on the people who are doing okay and learn from them. How are they entertaining? How are they able to command the crowd’s attention? Check on how they are delivering so that you yourself can deliver.

You should not copy someone else but what you can do is take a thing or two from someone and then another thing or two from someone else and then make those traits or style yours.

Try 0% planning to avoid Analysis Paralysis

Take your phone out and record something. Open up your laptop and start steaming. If you’re waiting to develop the perfect live stream show, just push the button and start. You will fail, you will make mistakes, but you will also learn. You will find out what is funny, what works for your audience, and what is entertaining or not for your show.

I’m not You, but you are You!

If you are thinking, “but I’m not you. I’m not an extrovert or energetic!” you are right. However, you are you and you have a certain ability inside you that will make you shine. You have something about you that will draw people to your show if you just let yourself go and allow yourself to shine on your live stream.

Rev Up Your Energy

The day might not be turning out how you want it to be your audience doesn’t know that. You need to find ways to give yourself the energy to run your show and make it awesome. Listen to music. Workout before your show. Dance. Drink a cup of coffee. No matter what it is, as long as it amps up your energy, make sure that you do it so that you can go to your show with as much energy and panache as you can.

There are so many more tips you can learn from Owen and his guest Sebastian so make sure to watch the full clip below.


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