How to Sell Jewelry on Facebook Live

Facebook live sales

Live streaming is one of the most popular types of content on the internet today, and it’s become a very effective way to do marketing. According to a study from TechPatio, 82% of people prefer live video from a brand than any other kind of social media post. Facebook is currently the leader for live video social media platforms. One out of every five Facebook videos is a Facebook Live broadcast, and they get six times the amount of interaction as a regular video.

The fusion of live video with live shopping is an exciting opportunity to create more value for both customers and retailers. In the jewelry business, being able to see the products in real time makes a huge difference.

Browsing a catalog, which was popular back in the ‘60s, is very similar to how online shops like Amazon work today. It’s a good system, especially when you are trying to move inventory in bulk. But it loses the advantage of seeing gems and jewelry in motion. In many ways, selling jewelry is a great fit for live shopping, because the quantity of inventory tends to be smaller, and live sales are perfect for moving that kind of inventory.

Why It’s Great to Sell Jewelry Live

For retailers, live shopping gives the ability to reach customers directly and really show them what the brand and the product is about.

    • It’s a cost-effective video strategy – video currently is one of the most popular forms of content online. Producing video content can be expensive and time-consuming task, but the live sales format makes it easier and faster. Live streaming expectations are different from regular video, and don’t require fancy cameras, editing and complicated set design. Instead, you can focus on interacting with the audience and showing off the products. Good products that create value for customers do well in live sales, and jewelry is especially suited for this medium, as you are able to show off the shine of each piece.
    • It creates hype and excitement around selling – having a limited-opportunity window can really drive sales. The live video format gives a sense of urgency to customers, with a set time frame where they can interact and purchase a product. This psychological trick is built into the format, with a limited time window and supply constraints. These encourage purchases during the live much like an auction would. The very format of the live sale acts on the human impulse to avail of something before it’s gone.
    • It keeps you in the minds of shoppers – video content is easy for viewers to remember. The visual and auditory cues help anchor it in the minds of your customers. Studies show that customers remember content from video better than any other medium. Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than regular videos, up to 75% of the video. When it comes to keeping your brand relevant, video helps keep you in the minds of your customers.

For customers, live shopping allows them to interact with real people while shopping. Traditionally customers shop in brick and mortar shops with the assistance of a sales clerk, allowing brands to give advice and assistance first hand. 


  • It brings customer service back into online shopping – when shopping online, customers traditionally just use the website and put the purchase. There is an appeal in the simplicity of this process, but at the same time they lose the ability to interact with the seller. In brick and mortar shops having a salesperson changes the experience in a huge way for the shopper, allowing them for assistance in finding the right size, getting a shoe in a different color, and the like. Online shopping loses this customer service aspect, but live sales bring that back into the equation. In many ways, live sales are like marketing and customer service rolled into one easy, convenient event.


  • It lets customers get live assistance quickly – a study from Roosit shows that 57% of customers will abandon an online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their questions about a product. 44% prefer to have the questions answered by a live person.

Currently, Facebook Groups is the platform of choice for live shopping. Facebook’s large user base gives a large reach for any business, and you may already be using it to reach customers and sell items. If you are using Facebook Groups and not doing live video sales, it may be time to take the next step.

If you aren’t using Facebook Groups, getting started is easy. Create a public group under your brand’s name, and start inviting people to like and join it. If you have any email lists for customers, make use of it to drive followers to your group. Then you can start hosting events for your followers to shop live. You can also join Buy and Sell groups. Just make sure to follow the guidelines when going live.

Here is an example of an amazing live video sales from Medium Jay Lane using BeLive’s live shopping list feature.

Here are examples of some Facebook live sellers who are doing a great job selling jewelry live.

Papa Pearls Bargain Shack

Sun of a Beach Pearls and More

Paparrazi jewelry with Caylea

When selling jewelry through live shopping, it’s important to prepare your items beforehand. Think of your Facebook live selling event as an online auction or home shopping channel. The jewelry and accessories you will be selling should be present and on hand so you can display them to your followers.

Each item should be identifiable to viewers with a lot number. This helps customers in making their purchase, and it helps you in sending customers the correct item. Using numbers also helps when organizing the flow of the sale as you go sequentially from start to finish. 

Jewelry and accessories is a great match for Facebook live sales, but you can also sell other things like clothing

Facebook live sales will no doubt continue to grow in popularity as more and more people discover the medium. Now is as good a time as any to get started and make a name for your brand in this exciting marketing space. It helps promote and strengthen your brand, creates a strong sense of community with your followers, and really helps communicate and get the story and message of your company out there. We’ll have even more tips to help you on your live sales journey so stay tuned.

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