Tips for Creating an Amazing Talk Show on Twitch

Now that Twitch has finally opened more avenues for non-gamers, it’s time for you to get your game on. You’ve already rocked Facebook so we feel it’s time to let the millions of dedicated Twitch viewers see what you have for them. recently launched beta on Twitch and we are more than excited for you to try it out. To ensure that you will be able to create an equally strong community over at Twitch and have an amazing talk show, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Preparation is KEY

As with anything, it all starts down from the basics. Have you done these three steps? Is your internet connection stable? Are your camera and mic working? Is there enough light on your face? Are your audio and feed clear?

When it comes to preparation, double check things. Do a test run. Practice at least an hour or a day before with your guest just to make sure that everything is in place and there is nothing that would distract the viewers from you, your guest and the topic.

Offer something that people want or need

When you stream on Twitch, you need to remember that if what you stream is something that over 100 people already do, the views might not be as high as you desire. Make sure to offer something that is needed or wanted by people.

What’s good about Twitch is that you can check the Creative and Talk Show section to see what’s already on the table. You can observe other streams so you can get an idea on how you can make your show stand out.

Consistency is KEY. Reliability, a necessity.

One of the best ways to have an amazing talk show is to regularly schedule your shows. When viewers know that come hell or high water your show will be there, they will learn to include it in their schedule.

People like patterns.

They like reliability and dependability.

No one wants to tune in to a channel and then not see the show they were expecting to see.

Twitch viewers are notorious for this. They love shows that are consistent and if you regularly schedule, the chances of reaching more people become higher.

Be consistent. No matter how great your show is, if you are not consistent, you will have a hard time getting the word out there and getting the viewers to tune in.

Get a Bot to be your Bodyguard

One of the downsides of Twitch is the number of trolls that abound but if you get a bot to guard your channel, it can become a safer space for yourself, your guest, and your viewers. There are bots available that you can use to ensure that there won’t be malicious links placed on your channel. You can also use bots and personalize it to ensure that certain keywords that could be derogatory, hateful, racist, or rude will be blocked. One of the more popular bots is Night Bot.

Level up your Interaction

Twitch is all about interaction and engagement. When you watch streamers who have a lot of viewers, the first thing you would notice is that they keep engaging with viewers. When someone new joins, they greet that person. If someone sends them something or cheers them, they give a shoutout. They answer questions. They ask questions. They engage all the time and they keep refreshing to check to see who is new on their channel.

The BeLive platform lets you show chats and comments on screen and allows for an active engagement feature.

Stay real.

When you live stream on a new platform for the first time, the pressure to get the views is high. This could lead you to resort to tactics or things that you would normally not do just to get the hits.

Avoid this. Stay real and genuine. Viewers will eventually see right through you and people wouldn’t want to be part of your talk show. Molly of The Prepared Performer and one of BeLive’s host remains authentic and when you watch her, you’ll see that she’s very transparent about her struggles and joys. 1UPGirl is another Twitch streamer who stays real all the time, making it a joy to watch her shows.

Have fun.

Twitch is a new platform for talk shows. This means that you can play around. This means that you can set the rules and innovate. Instead of focusing on numbers, focus on how you have a brand new platform that you can play with and master. When you have fun, it will radiate and attract the right people.

Twitch is all about being an innovator, game changer, and taking risks. Be ready to think outside the box and stand out. You worry about the creatives and we’ll handle the back end for you by ensuring you can easily stream without complications.

Sign up at if you haven’t so you could be on your way to streaming an amazing talk show on Twitch.

You can also join us on Discord. We’d be more than happy to get in touch with you.

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