Twitch Diary, Day 1: BeLive Team is at DevDay for the Public Launch

Hello! We are starting this Twitch Diary to document our journey.

When we started Facebook, we didn’t get the chance to do that. Mainly because there were only two people in the team when it started. Now, we have an amazing marketing team from around the world that can help document the process!

Our goal is for you to see our challenges and wins as we learn more about the Twitch Community, provide the best product for Twitch streamers to engage with their community, and to grow our own Twitch channel.

Day 1

It started 5 months ago as an idea between two our Co-founder, Tzafrir Rehan and Daniel Mayer. Fast forward to present times and the BeLive Team has landed in California to launch BeLive beta on Twitch.

It took months of hard work, passion from different people all coming together to make an idea into a reality, a lot of tenacity, determination, and enthusiasm. BeLive is now available on Twitch and the BeLive Team has invaded TwitchCon 2018.

The BeLive Team celebrated the launch with a team photo in front of the San Jose Convention, where TwitchCon was going to be held. Afterward, Irene, our Marketing Manager, did her first stream on the Twitch BeLive channel.

Irene is hard at work.

Daniel Mayer, Twitch CEO posted on Facebook this message:

“I’d like to thank the rest of the BeLive team for their hard work and their passion for helping content creators.

Thank you to our testers, moderators, and all the amazing people who helped us in this launch and a huge milestone for BeLive.

To our BeLivers, this launch is for you. Twitch is a new and engaging way to build and grow your community. You can go start your stream now at

We’re looking forward to seeing your streams. Follow our journey starting today until the end of TwitchCon.”

Day 1 Stats:

  • 1 Stream on BeLive Twitch Channel (We forgot to turn on the ability to automatically save videos in the channel!)

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