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How To Get A BeLive Standard+ Subscription For FREE By Inviting A Friend

Getting a chance to use BeLive Standard+ for FREE has never been more fun! With BeLive’s Invite-A-Friend promo, you can earn credits for every person you invite that signs up for a Standard+ plan, and those credits may be used to pay for your future subscriptions!

Now you’ll not only love using BeLive for your live streams, but you also have a chance to share your blessings with your friends and loved ones, too!

That’s because you won’t be the only one experiencing this awesome opportunity. The friend you’ll invite will also get a chance to earn credits after signing up! Here’s how it works.

Earn Credits

When you invite a friend to try BeLive and sign up for a Standard+ plan, $20 will be credited to your account. If another friend upgrades to Standard+, another $20 credit will be awarded to you. Now you have enough credit to use the same service for a month!

Your Friend Also Gets Points


You won’t be the only to enjoy the benefits of the Invite-A-Friend promo. The friend you invite will also get $10 in BeLive credits once he or she signs up.

But that’s not the only awesome thing about this program. You and your friend can continue inviting other people that’ll help you earn more credits!

Once you’ve got enough, you can use what you’ve accumulated to get a discount for your future Standard+ subscription!

Start Inviting, Start Getting Discounts

So how do you start inviting people? It’s super simple!

Just follow the steps below to begin earning credits on BeLive!

Step 1: Look For Your Invite-A-Friend Link


Every BeLive account has it’s own unique Invite-A-Friend URL. To find it, you just have to click on your profile picture on the upper right corner of the Studio and find the IaF link on the lower part of the drop down.

Step 2: Share Everywhere!

Once you’ve copied the link, you can now start sharing it with your friends literally everywhere! You can post it on your social media accounts or send through private messaging. Another way to spread your URL is to share it with your audience every time you go live by using the Live Sales Link. Find out how the updated Live Sales Feature works and what you can use it for aside from selling an item.

Step 3: Get Your Credits

Once someone registers using your link and upgrades to a Standard+ plan, your credits will start accumulating. You can use these when you renew your subscription in the future.

Need more info? Here’s a helpful article to check out.


Isn’t getting points to use BeLive Standard+ for FREE so easy? Sign up now and share your Invite-A-Friend link to start earning credits! You’ll also be giving your friend a chance to accumulate points as well!

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