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BeLiver Feature: Melissa Fietsam, Growing 15k Followers With Consistent Live Videos


As a social media strategist, being able to engage with her followers and clients is crucial for Melissa Fietsam. And what better way to interact with people and expanding her reach than by live streaming?

She’s a registered nurse who eventually ventured into direct sales. She now runs her own company by empowering business owners to grow their own venture as well!

Going live on her page Directly Social helps her answer her viewers’ questions, share tips, and show tutorials. How else has live streaming and Be.Live helped her with her business? Find out below!

Tell us something about you and your show that you’d like people to know about.

Directly Social teaches people how to market their small business with social media. We make social media easy.

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

We use video at least 3 times a week to really convey our message in the most relevant way. It’s the only way to get a message across in the most effective way. If I need to explain something, there’s no better way than video.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

The biggest impact of my live streams has been the following on my business page.

I was able to grow our following to over 15k in a couple of years with consistent videos. From there, we’ve grown a Facebook group, a couple of training groups, a training website to teach others how to do what I do, and so much more.

How has Be.Live as a platform helped you?

Be.Live has been such a crucial part of that with the live streams.

I love being able to do interviews. Right now we have a masterclass with 8 interviews from speakers all over the world on how to rock your business using video. That wouldn’t be possible without Be.Live because I don’t have the equipment or manpower behind me to have a studio and software to support some high tech tools others do. But with Be.Live, it looks like I do.

How are you promoting your product or service on your Be.Live shows?

I use Be.Live to promote my Tuesday Tech Tips show. I provide trainings and tutorials on various social media platforms, apps, and tools. Our entire training site is composed of video tutorials.

I also train our immediate team through video. It allows me to teach people all over the world, right from my home office.

How many times do you use BeLive to promote your business/organization?

I have about 300 live broadcasts with Be.Live. So, I talk a lot! I love how easy it is to hop on and explain something or convey a feeling I  have.


Which BeLive feature do you think has helped you achieve the results for your business?

Screenshare is my favorite feature. I spend a lot of time teaching people how to use social media platforms. So them being able to see my screen is a crucial aspect of what I do.

I can tell them how to do something, or I can show them exactly how, step by step, by sharing my screen. By far, that’s the most powerful tool to be able to help other business owners achieve the same success I have.

Anything else you’d like to share about how BeLive has helped your business?

I’d also like to say, I deal with so many platforms, apps, and businesses…I talk to a lot of IT supports within them. And Be.Live is always so quick to answer questions or take suggestions on their platform.

Their help desk and outreach is awesome. And I value people who value great customer service. You can’t have a lasting business anymore without a great customer service voice behind it. And I really appreciate that!

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to find me on Facebook @DirectlySocial and shoot me a message!

Melissa’s classes have helped a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs grow their ventures. And her dedication to creating consistent videos has helped her reach out to more people wanting to improve their business journey.

Get to know Melissa more with her live streams. Watch her share some clever tricks you can use for lead generation in the video below!

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