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How we used Be.Live to reach 55k people organically with only 1600 fans on our page

Facebook Organic Reach

After ‘Facebook Zero’ in January 2018, many small businesses threw their hands up in the air and said “I give up, it’s too hard!”  They were posting and posting with no results!

Some had even abandoned Facebook, saying “it’s not worth my time. But Theonie and I could see the value and potential in having a presence on Facebook and understood the importance of live broadcasting. 

Our mission is to help people help people, and we had taken steps to do just that.  We created a community on Facebook where local business women could connect and collaborate. 

Collaboration and Community

The whole community has been built on collaboration. And it’s working. We decided to take this concept to another level and started a TV Channel on Facebook, a lifestyle one, where people would collaborate and have their own shows and share their knowledge, skills and talents with the world.

Called ‘Mytimetv.Live’, it was slow to start. Like nobody seemed to “get it”, but we persisted. Over a period of a year or so, and a few strategic connections for leverage, a few brave business owners started their very own shows on the channel. 

Production studio on the palm of your hand

With a production studio on the palm of your hand and on your PC, there were no excuses for not giving it a go.

Using tools like BeLive, it’s super easy to produce a professional-looking live stream that lets you stand out. 

The ability to showcase your branding cannot be overstated enough!  Just some of the features & benefits we experience are:

  • Displaying your logo creates brand awareness for viewers
  • The ability to create custom frames highlights the topic of discussion
  • Plugging in your brand colours highlights your brand when your name (and any guests names) are displayed and when you display agenda items or the call to action crawler
  • The ability to do fun things that put that ‘extra stamp’ on your brand 


The BeLive Team asked Adaire and Theonnie further questions on how they were able to put everything together and achieved great results. 

After putting together the channel, how did you reach out to the other streamers?

I had already been working with other streamers in our private coaching Facebook group (paid membership). Mytimetv.Live is only available to those who are part of our paid community. 

How did you convince them to do the shows on the page?

They pay us an annual fee to do it. The drawcard for us is collaboration because with collaborative efforts, we all win. We also only attract those who are serious about using live streaming and videos for their business growth by charging a fee. Part of the fee is paid for our syndication program to over 50 channels of TVOD through Binge Networks TV (because it’s new and relatively unknown, we are attracting those who want to push the envelope and be early adopters with new technology).

How do you organize the shows?

It’s TVOD so we can broadcast 100’s of shows simultaneously if we wanted to. We encourage our show hosts to schedule regular, episodic content (as trained to do by Mari Smith) so their fans show up and Facebook gets the engagement juice it wants to show more people = brilliant collaboration!

What were the numbers after doing the collaboration? 

While these are not huge figures (see below) we are building a base of loyal fans who turn up to ONE live broadcast a week on our Social Media with Adaire & Theonie page so no collaboration, just us! Figures from same date range.

The page below has around 3k fans, so roughly double. 

Screenshot of the Mytimetv.Live Page’s Insight


Do you do promotions outside the page?

Yes: Crossposting, Email (where appropriate), Bot Subscriber Broadcasts (ONLY where appropriate), Individual messages via Messenger (ONLY where appropriate), Tagging (ONLY where appropriate).

We couldn’t do this without because we’re able to schedule shows and let people know they’re happening in advance, drawing a live audience which creates more immediate engagement.

We also hold strategically coordinated Facebook Watch Parties while our presenters are live and send audiences across to the page as well as holding Facebook Watch Parties after the broadcasts inside of our community, Women in Business Adelaide. 

Join our BeLivers Facebook Group, to connect with Adaire, Theonie, and all the other amazing broadcasters and business owners that are using BeLive. You can sign up for a FREE account at BeLive as well if you want to easily produce professional live streams.


This is a guest blog post from Adaire Palmer.

Adaire Palmer has a passion for helping people help people. She is keen to bring people together and her superpowers include helping small businesses grow using Facebook using broadcasting and bots, and developing communities. Adaire brings a sense of fun and a child-like curiosity to her work and she loves working with small businesses across a range of industries. As a recognised thought leader in the social media industry, Adaire is a sought after speaker and facilitator.

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