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BeLiver Feature: Ray Higdon, How Consistent Live Streams Led Him To Success


What makes a business grow and improve? According to top network marketer and sales adviser Ray Higdon of the Higdon Group, consistency is one of the essential keys for a successful business!

In this BeLiver Feature with Ray Higdon, he highlights the importance of having scheduled live streams to keep him and his team consistent. Going live also helped him elevate his engagement with relevant people to reach the success they have now.

Learn more about Ray Higdon’s journey with live streaming and Be.Live from the man himself!

Tell us something about you and your show that you’d like people to know about.

We focus on helping people by offering strategies to those that desire improvement in their finances or relationships.

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

It just makes sense. It is leveraged and the best way — other than in-person — to connect with people.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?


I have done a video a day or more every day for ten years. Not all of them performed well, but we did enough of them to create the success we have.

How has Be.Live as a platform helped you?

Be.Live has made it easy for us to schedule live interviews, our weekly segment, and have other members of our team do interviews as well.

How are you promoting your product or service on your Be.Live shows?

Yes, we promote our products on Be.Live! We love the feature that displays what we write on the screen, that’s because we can easily promote special links to our audience.

How many times do you use Be.Live to promote your business/organization?

We use it 2-3 times a week.

Which Be.Live feature do you think has helped you achieve the results for your business?

The ability to have multiple guests, share our links LIVE on the screen, and see comments all in one place has helped us really engage with our audience.

We also really like the new update of using the same link for guests to join.

Anything else you’d like to share about how Be.Live has helped your business?

We love your team and working with you guys!

You have been very responsive and helpful as we grow. We are looking forward to using Facebook Stars with your platform.


Watch Ray answer questions about building a business during his Free Coaching Friday live stream:

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