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Useful Live Streaming Tools To Take Your Show To The Next Level

Doing things, anything, on your own without any kind of help (and manually at that!) can be challenging. It’s especially true for live shows. Fortunately, there are live streaming tools to help you up your broadcasting game. Here’s a list of tools BeLivers use to take their shows to the next level!


To make a show successful, you need to work on the broadcast weeks before it begins. Promoting your live is as important as showing up in front of the camera.

Once you’ve set a date for your show, you should schedule your live stream to effectively promote it everywhere.

Take note, however, that Facebook recently published updates that may affect your promotional activities for your live if you’re using a third-party app like BeLive. Read about this update here. 

After scheduling the show, these live streaming tools help make promoting your broadcast so much easier.



If you have enough funds to hire an editor for your show cards, custom frames, and other graphics, you’re all set! But not all entrepreneurs have reached that point yet. Tools like Canva make creating custom images so much easier for streamers with no background in graphic design.

With Canva, you can create frames with your own logo for your live stream, showcards for posting on social media and websites, as well as intro and outro videos!

You can use Canva for free with restrictions while a pro account will cost you $12.95 a month or $9.95 if you opt for yearly billing.

Facebook Ads Manager

Creating ads for your show may be an added expense but it’s definitely worth it!

Most people associate creating ads to promoting products and businesses, but doing one for a live stream can be done, too.

Boosting isn’t available for scheduled lives but who says you can’t create a post with a screenshot of your show. You can also use your schowcard to promote the upcoming live then include a link.

Here’s a useful article on how to set up a Facebook Ad for your live stream.

During the Show

Now that you’ve promoted the scheduled show, another important aspect of live streaming is during the actual show. While the native live streaming apps of Facebook and YouTube are great, they can still be improved. That’s why using a third-party tool can help elevate your live stream by giving it a more polished, professional look.


This Facebook chatbot is a great tool not just for your live streams but for your business’ digital marketing strategy in general.

With ManyChat, you can broadcast your upcoming show and ask people to subscribe to the bot for regular show updates. You can also use the bot as an engagement tool before and during the live show.

You can ask your audience to type a certain keyword on the comments section for a game or a certain info.

If you plan to send your viewers a link to an item you’re selling or an important PDF, you can also use BeLive’s Live Sales Link during the show. Find out what else you can do with this feature here.


Xsplit VCam

Some streamers don’t have the space to build a studio dedicated to live streaming alone. This is where a green screen tool comes in handy. BeLive recognizes Xsplit Vcam as a virtual camera, so you can use it to blur or replace your background.

BeLiver moderator and live stream instructor Steven Healey shares how you can do that in this video.

Post Show



Marketing your business doesn’t end when the stop button is clicked on your live stream. You live video is automatically saved in BeLive’s broadcasts list as well as the platform you published on. After a few minutes, you can download a copy of the video from the broadcasts list in HD video or audio format.

From there, you can repurpose the video into other forms of marketing assets to increase lead generation.

Downloading and republishing a live broadcast on another channel can be time-consuming. More importantly, viewers may end up finding the video too long to watch. Cutting it into several shorter segments and uploading them in another platform like a YouTube playlist or an Instagram TV clip will help you reach more people. Bite-sized videos as easier to digest than a one or two-hour show.

Live streamers use to turn parts of their live streams into an Instagram story or even a Tik Tok clip. Here are more ways to repurpose your live streams.

Simple Social Press

This WordPress plugin automatically embeds your Facebook Live into a blog post. It also include some pre-loaded comments. It also helps businesses gather leads by adding an email opt-in option under each video.

You don’t even have to log in to WordPress for Simple Social Press to do its magic.


What live streaming tools do you use for your broadcasts? Share the tool you swear by in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to sign up with BeLive to start live streaming and schedule your broadcast to promote and share your broadcast to a wider audience!

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