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6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween with Your Customers While Live Streaming

Not all awesome Halloween party ideas require face-to-face interactions! Here are some super cool ways to enjoy this spooky holiday online with BeLive!

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas to Enjoy with Your Customers

Halloween is almost here! How will you celebrate it with your customers while still staying socially distant?

In today’s situation, having an all-out Halloween party with dozens of your customers may not be the smartest thing to do for your business. However, practicing social distancing shouldn’t hinder you from engaging with your customers during holidays and special occasions.

Fortunately, technology allows you to still enjoy special events with your customers. You may not meet them face-to-face, but you’ll be able to engage with them through live streams. And BeLive’s features make it possible for you to turn your virtual Halloween party ideas into reality.

Here are some exciting ways to use these awesome BeLive features for your online party.

1. Play Spooky Games Using BeLive’s Timer

Did you know that BeLive’s Timer widget isn’t just used for counting down the start of your show? It can be used for all types of games that require a countdown!

One way to use the timer for your Halloween party is by creating a trivia game. Share your question on the screen and ask your viewers to chat their answers in the comments section. Turn on your timer and pick a winner after it reaches zero!

You can also try using a trivia template and connect it to your BeLive broadcast. Don’t forget to offer a prize when you play a game. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. You can start with freebies of your product or an online shopping certificate.

halloween-party-ideas2. Spooky Halloween-Themed Frames and Background

Sure you can dress up during your Halloween party show, but why not take it to the next level by putting a “costume” on your broadcast as well?

Create a custom frame with spiders hanging on their webs or bats flying over your head. You can also set a haunted house castle as your background. It’s totally up to you!

Once you’ve set up your frame, you can then ask your customers to join you online with their best outfits. Maybe even hand out prizes to the best dressed.

Don’t know how to create your own frames? You can choose from BeLive’s limited edition Halloween overlay and backgrounds!


Custom frames and backgrounds are great for other occasions, too! Check what we did for the BeLive Birthday this year. You can watch the full show here.

3. Invite Guests to Talk About Ghouls and Monsters

Know people who would love to jump on the live stream with you? Invite them on your show as guests.

Take note: you don’t just talk about scary stuff. Your show should still give your customers value but with an added twist of the special occasion to make that show more special for your viewers.


For example, BeLive’s own Irene Chan invited Minessa Konecky to discuss Marketing Tips while leveraging the Zombie theme for a Halloween twist. So while the hosts and viewers had fun dressing up as zombies, they were still able to share valuable information to the audience!

Check out the broadcast for more tips on how to do a themed show like theirs!

Here’s another awesome way to invite a guest. Start a contest! Ask your customers to share their own scary story, then choose the best one from the bunch to go on air with you! Of course, a small prize would also help boost the event promotion.

Create your mechanics now, schedule your show, and start promoting it everywhere!

4. Sharing Hair-Raising Halloween Trivias with Sticky Notes

During your online party, you can share Halloween trivia by posting them on the Sticky Notes widget. Once it’s on the screen, you can still change and edit the trivia even while live! Start sharing as many as you can!

If you’re playing games, use Sticky Notes to share clues, keep track of scores, and post updates. These are versatile little widgets that can add more fun to your Halloween show!

5. Recommend Spooky Halloween Products Live

Have you tried using the Live Sales link during a show? It’s a really cool BeLive feature to use to recommend spooky Halloween products to your customers like:

  • Halloween costumes
  • Blood red slime
  • Skull candles
  • Zoombie cookies
  • And more!

You can send direct links to these products to your customers in the comments section.

It doesn’t have to be products either. You can send a link to your website or a paid event you’re planning on Facebook. Now you’re having fun and marketing your business at the same time!

Question Queen Michelle Hess leverages the Live Sales feature to share her classes to her viewers. In this broadcast, she discusses how to leverage Facebook business pages for holiday sales. Watch it if you want to use it for your Halloween event and even for the upcoming holidays.


Another use for the Live Sales Link is to share free stuff, printables, coaching sessions, and even quizzes. Watch this awesome video about the different ways to use Live Sales Link by direct sales guru Minessa Konecky here.

6. Create Chilling Short Clips to Share Using Video Editor

Record a chilling video of yourself via Offline Recording, edit it in the BeLive Video Editor, download it, and use that footage for your Halloween live show. You can use that clip as a clue for a mystery game you’ll be playing live with your customers or just as a short greeting.

Your party doesn’t have to end once your live stream stops either. You can still use the live footage you created to extend the festivities on other platforms using the Video Editor. Trim specific sections you want to share with more people and post them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, on your blog, or anywhere else!


With the pandemic going on, most people have been looking for alternative ways to still enjoy special occasions. The safest option to connect with people right now is through online interactions. Fortunately, BeLive can help you make your virtual Halloween party ideas a reality.

Visit the BeLive studio now and start planning your online Halloween bash for your customers now!

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