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BeLiver Feature: Ros Boundy on Using Twitch Live Streaming to Amplify her Psychic and Medium Abilities

Live video is definitely for any niche and interest. BeLiver Ros Boundy who uses live video to amplify her psychic and medium abilities to help people is living proof of this. Read on and be inspired on how you can use live video because if Ros can do it, everyone else can.

Tell us something about your show that you’d like people to know about.

I’m Ros Boundy and I’ve been moving through life with a growing awareness of my own Psychic and Medium abilities. As a teenager, I was aware of a ‘knowing’ of Spirit & Beings that were beyond my Methodist/Christian upbringing.

Although this sensing of what was out there was mainly suppressed through those years, I did continue to search through the mists in my own way.

After a mid-life divorce, I was in a position to change perspective to being responsible for my own life structure and the ‘growing my knowing’ of where I wanted my life to be.

There has been quite a few courses, studies and a couple of qualifications in that time to now, so I could get myself past the feeling of being stuck in not knowing what I was meant to be doing in my life. Because of my own experiences, I have been able to help women get past the pain of not being heard, of not being seen, of not being noticed.

Now that I’m reaching into my ‘Crone & Muse’ years, the work load is winding down and I’m choosing to ‘do what I want to do’ from a space of FUN and moving my earning into a retirement/hobby mode. There is a really great quote that I’ve read.


I came across a woman who was doing a LIVE using her skills and gifts as a Psychic/Medium on Twitch, and I knew then that I could do a LIVE on Twitch too. My goal is to delve into my creative ideas for a Weekly Show in the Talk Show & Podcast category.

Why did you go into live streaming?

My curiosity in doing live streaming began back in 2014 when I was learning how to do the Google HOA (Hangouts On Air) and being comfortable on camera. It continued as I was invited to Co-host a LIVE show an a weekly basis. From there I have grown into learning more as technology has developed.

Why do I continue? It is my way of expressing myself and share my experience about life that may be useful to others.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

The biggest impact was the feeling of ‘potential possibilities’ in using live streaming and interaction with people around the world. Having a mentor who was really gentle and encouraging in getting that comfort in front of a camera, whether recording or LIVE was also a huge impact.

How has BeLive helped your show?

The ease of using BeLive is a game changer. So easy, and if something does go wrong there is a ‘Help’ team available, community support for questions and so many friendly and helpful people. The learning curve is short and easy to understand.

Which BeLive feature is your favorite and why?

The branding and frames are one favorite as it allows an easy way to get your name out there and shows an “I’m serious” about what I do. The ability to bring comments onto the screen so easily is the other favorite as it acknowledges and includes the ‘audience’ in a real way and they feel involved

Would you recommend BeLive to other Twitchers?

I would definitely recommend BeLive to people who would enjoy using Twitch in the Just Chatting and Talk Shows & Podcast categories. These are the two areas that I’m looking at right now, and at some point I might have a look at some of the gaming categories!

Easily create high-quality talk shows on Twitch or Facebook with zero setups and installation.

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