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Sell Online And More With A Live Sales Link

The global pandemic has made selling products and services a challenge for personal brands and small businesses. That’s why we at BeLive create the live sales link to help your business thrive and soar!

Easier Online Selling and Audience Engagement With Live Sales Link

Live streaming has been gaining significant momentum especially with the whole world discouraged from having face-to-face contact. In that regard, many businesses or personal brands have started creating live broadcasts to continue their promotions and marketing efforts.

To help you benefit the most from live streaming, BeLive has improved the Live Sales feature with an awesome new addition!

With this update, you can now share links of your products, services, donation pages, useful PDFs, or any other links with your audience while you’re live!

Why We Did It

It’s not only small business owners who felt the negative effects of the pandemic. The World Bank recently warned that 2020 will see the “deepest global recession” since 1870. To stay afloat, governments and brands are looking for various ways to mitigate this situation. And one of those ways is to turn digital.

Live streaming, in particular, has been a lifesaver for a lot of brands.


The Asian market has been delving into live shopping for a decade now and has now intensified its efforts in this area. Alibaba turned to live broadcasting during China’s lockdown earlier this year and many other businesses followed suit as the coronavirus spread around the world.

This impromptu digital revolution also expanded to consumers, as they turned to live shows and online stores to get their shopping done.

Since live streaming has helped small businesses and other personal brands thrive during the pandemic, it’s only natural for BeLive to take live sales to the next level with this update.

How Does It Work

You can use the Live Sales Link with a simple click of a button. When you show the item you’d like to sell on the screen, it automatically sends a link of the product in the comments section.


Your viewer can then click on that link and be redirected to the page to buy it.

How cool is that?

If you need more information on how to use the Live Sales Link, check out this detailed tutorial.

Make a test broadcast now to try it out yourself!

What Other Uses Does It Have

The Live Sales Link doesn’t just work for selling products during a broadcast. It’s also a perfect way to share other types of links to your audience without having to use a bot!

Some ingenious uses of the Live Sales Link include:

  • Donation link for fundraisers. While on air, you can send the Gofundme page to raise funds. Golden-hearted viewers can donate even before your broadcast ends.
  • Webinar registrations. It makes promoting for your upcoming webinar or virtual summit so much easier by automatically sharing the signup link or Google Form.
  • Affiliate marketing. Aside from flashing your vanity link on screen, you can send it directly to your viewers in the comments section!
  • Sharing a file. During a webinar, you can share PDFs, ebooks, and other important files with your audience.


Why It’s Cool

The Live Sales Link was developed to help small businesses and personal brands continue to grow despite the pandemic. This feature improves customer engagement by simplifying customers’ shopping experience as they watch your live stream.

By using the feature, you don’t need to activate a third-party system to send your product’s link to your viewers. They just have to click on the link to start shopping!

Now your customers can shop better and you can earn more from your live stream.

What Our Users Are Saying

BeLivers have experienced a significant improvement in their sales after trying out this feature.

Michelle Withers, The Question Queen of Creative Success Systems, experienced an awesome turnout when she tried out the Live Sales Link during her broadcast. Watch her live video here.

“I used the’s (Be.Live) new feature today, with the comments to the link to shop It went amazing!!!! I did some killer sales today!” – Michelle Withers

Meanwhile, Carla Partridge did a show for her business, Origami Owls, and sold her jewelry sets through the link.

“I am obsessed with the links in the comments” – Carla Partridge

Steven Healey, moderator of BeLivers Group, and Camera Confidence Coach Molly Mahoney called this new feature a “game changer” for live selling.

BeLive’s Marketing Manager, Irene Chan, has also been using the feature to share her affiliate links when she goes live! Check out her live sales experiment here.

Try going live now to experience the Live Sales Link now!

How would you use the Live Sales Link on your broadcast? Try it now and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below!

If you want to try this new feature yourself, sign up with BeLive now and make a test broadcast! You can also join our online community to get more tips and inspiration from other business-minded content creators.


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