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8 Easy Steps To Promote Your Live Streams

If you want to get more Facebook or YouTube views, you need to properly and thoroughly promote your live stream. We have analyzed thousands of engagement methods and cases on live streaming and came up with the most effective ways to benefit from it.

How to Get More Views and Sales

Going live for the sake of just making a video is never the aim of live streaming. It’s an effective marketing strategy to acquire and convert more leads to your business.

When creating content, you sometimes have to figure out several ways to keep your existing audience, attract new viewers, and gather contacts for lead generation. Live streaming allows you to do all that with ease!

By going live, you can warm up new viewers and make them curious about the products or services you offer. Showing your audience your brand’s authentic image through your broadcast helps you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


Here are eight super simple steps to promote your live stream and reach as much of your target audience as possible!

Step 1: Schedule Your Live

Although you can go live any time right away, it’s always better to schedule your broadcast days before the actual date. Doing this will give you more time to promote your live stream and collect more contacts.

Add a showcard or poster which includes the topic, date, and time of the live stream. Include it when you schedule your live on BeLive and it will automatically publish on Facebook or YouTube. If you’re planning to simulcast your show, the preview and video will show up to both sites.


Watch this BeLive Weekly episode on Facebook or YouTube!

Step 2: Create an Informative Video Description

Now that you’ve scheduled your live and added an image to make it more attractive, you also need to make a short but informative video caption.

While planning for the video, you should already figure out your audience’s pain points. Then your broadcast would be more appealing for more people.

Make your description more effective with the following:

  • What they should expect and when the video will air
  • What topics will be covered
  • Who could be interested in that content
  • How they could benefit from the video

Make sure to include SEO keywords related to your topic as well. That way, people who randomly search for those keywords will be able to find your broadcast.

Step 3: Post Your Scheduled Broadcast EVERYWHERE

Whether you’re planning to go live on Facebook or YouTube or both at the same time, you should still post your broadcast EVERYWHERE.

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and all the other social media platforms you have. Share it on your blog and in the communities you’re a part of. You can also ask partners, friends, followers, and others to share and repost your live stream. Upload Stories regularly until the day of the broadcast as well.

Just remember, the more platforms you post your planned broadcast on, the more views you can potentially have.

Step 4: Make Facebook Ads (Additional but Recommended)

Though creating a Facebook ad isn’t free, it won’t cost you much. If you set up Facebook ads, you will be able to share your post with those beyond your circle.

promote-your-live-streamRemember, though, that you won’t be able to boost an event per Facebook’s regulations. Butt you can take a screenshot of it and boost that instead. Create a Bitly link for the live stream and include it in the ads to measure how many clicks you get from them.

This is an additional optional step but is highly recommended if you want to reach more people with your live show. For example, if you spend about $200 for a Facebook ads campaign, you can reach up to 80,000 potential customers.

Step 5: Ask People to Register

One of the best ways to gather contact information from viewers is to ask them to register for the live stream. You can collect contact information from viewers and potential customers through a few ways:

1. Chatbots


Chatbots like Manychat make it super easy to extract information from interested viewers. It’s a Facebook messenger automation tool that helps businesses connect and stay in touch with customers.

You can set up your chatbot to automatically send a message to interested viewers when they comment with a certain keyword during the live stream.

If they’re satisfied with the broadcast, then they can opt-in as a subscriber to the chatbot. One they subscribed to the bot, their email and contact info will be saved. You can use the bot to send notifications for future videos and other marketing ads.

Check out this informative clip from best-selling author and coach Kary Oberbrunner on using chatbots and creating an email sequence.

2. Landing Page with Registration Form

If you already have a website up and running, create a landing page with a registration form. Include the link in your ads, posts, and email sequence for people to register at.

Once they’ve signed up, a reminder will be sent to them for the live stream. Include the FB ads in the landing page as well. Remember to include the actual link and not just a screenshot of it.

3. Sign-Up Forms

If you don’t have a website to create a landing page on, you can still gather information from your viewers using Google Form or other tools like Typeform.

The email addresses and other contact information inputted into these forms can be exported to an excel file for you to store and use for other marketing purposes.

Step 6: Welcome Your Viewers with an Email

Compose some emails for those who subscribed to your live stream and send them as reminders 5 and 2 days before the actual broadcast. Make sure to include extra information about the topic in each email’s message.

Send another welcome email as a reminder on the day of the live stream. You don’t have to stick to an email campaign either. If you’ve used Manychat or Facebook messenger, you can choose to send your messages there, too.

Step 7: Go Live and Shine!


It’s time to push that start button and go live!

During the broadcast, ask your viewers to like your page, subscribe to your channel, and join your community.

If you want to make sure you and your setup is camera-ready, test your broadcast first. During the test run, check your video, audio, and multimedia presentations if you have them. You can then download the broadcast and check them privately.

Step 8: Make A Retargeting Ads Campaign

Promoting your live streaming doesn’t end when your broadcast stops. You can definitely continue your marketing efforts after the stream.

Send ads and promotions to those who subscribed to your chatbot or email sequence. Also, ask them to opt-in for future live stream reminders and ads for your business.

How to Benefit More from Live Streaming


After your live stream, you can still benefit from the video by repurposing it into other forms. Download your video from your BeLive profile to be able to use it for other purposes.

Some things you can do to reuse your videos include:

  1. Take show notes of your live show and create a blog post from it.
  2. Download and edit the video into smaller clips per subtopic and create a playlist on YouTube.
  3. Use those edited clips on your IG TV, FB Stories, Tik Tok, or Snapchat as well.
  4. Create an infographic to summarize the live and share it on social media with a link to your broadcast.

You can gain views, website traffic, and sales from just one live video. Check out this blog post for other repurposing ideas.

After doing all of that, it’s time to schedule another live stream. Try it now!

How do you promote your live show? Share your process in the comments section below!

Want to maximize your live stream to build your community and gain more sales? Sign up with BeLive now and schedule your first broadcast!

You can also join our online community to get more tips on how to promote your live stream and gain more views. 


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